Today we hit the A1 again, in the absence of alternative routes. Which is yet another evidence that we are gradually moving away from the most populated areas. We cross a large plain planted with cane sugar, mangoes and vegetables. It seems that most of the early fruits consumed in Australia come from here. The traffic is again rather intense, chiefly because of the road trains that exceedingly speed with no care for other road users. This is actually a big problem since this chunk of A1 is not even close to what we consider a highway: it’s simply a two-lane road with alternate overtaking lanes! We are forced to pull on the left to let them pass: we do not want to go the way of the dozens of kangaroo carcasses laying on the tarmac. We reach Bowen in early afternoon in time to relax at the beach for one hour. Fantastic and deserted coves, warm and then seafood in the harbour. Why asking for more? The Xtractor Team can well be happy with the day!