Today we wake up at 6 and as always, and until sunrise the air is fresh and cold. The temperature on board of our tractors is red-hot instead. This is the last day of our adventure, at least according to the roadmap. Our goal is the red monolith, Ayers Rock or Uluru, how local Aborigines call it – the symbol of Australia. Just after breakfast we set off to our 250-kilometer leg, which means an almost seven-hour drive – and we don’t want to risk missing the sunset at Ayers Rock! The unmistakable profile of the sacred mountain suddenly appears a few dozen kilometers before the destination, hidden by a chain of red dunes, still in the distance, while the afternoon light begins to turn golden. We arrive at the bottom of the mountain just in time to see it glowing in a complex play of lights and shadows while the sun goes down. In a perfectly clear sky perfectly clear a crescent moon rises slowly. Mission accomplished!