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Day 40: Ayers Rock/Uluru – Alice Springs

Officially the Xtractor’ journey ended at the foot of the sacred monolith Uluru, but actually we need to take our tractors (and ourselves) to Alice Springs. We decide to choose a dirt track apparently shorter than the comfortable – but boring – motorway. In the process, we find we made a bit risky choice risky […]

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Day 39: Erldunda – Ayers Rock/Uluru

Today we wake up at 6 and as always, and until sunrise the air is fresh and cold. The temperature on board of our tractors is red-hot instead. This is the last day of our adventure, at least according to the roadmap. Our goal is the red monolith, Ayers Rock or Uluru, how local Aborigines […]

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Day 38: Alice Springs – Erldunda

Today is the second last leg for the crew of Xtractor. Desert, here we go again. But here the landscape is different, much less desolate as compared with last days’ burned moors. The blackened trees were replaced with low bushes, deep green against the bright red of the sand dunes. Day after day, the temperatures […]

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Day 36: Tobermorey – Alice Springs

The plan was to stop at another farm – again in the middle of nowhere – in Tobermoray, the only option in hundreds of kilometers. We are on Road 12, obviously dirt, also known as Plenty Highway although in fact the only thing there is plenty of is… the nothing. Or perhaps the name refers […]

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Day 35: Mount Isa – Tobermorey

The journey into the nothing continues, this time down a narrow road, paved, which after a few dozen kilometers turns dirt. Apart from that, the scenario does not change: the desert. Then suddenly road works materialize – lots of signs and graders at work. The track becomes even for a while, then everything falls back […]

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Day 34: Julia Creek – Mount Isa

One day’s journey through the usual bleak monotony of the dry flat, and we cover the distance between the small rural town of Julia Creek (two roads, a pub, nobody around at seven o’clock in the evening) and Mount Isa, one of country’s main industrial centres. In over 250 km. we cross only one town, […]

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Day 33: Hughenden – Julia Creek

We take the Flinders Highway, the road that we will follow for hundreds of kilometers, an asphalt ribbon that from the coast points to west, straight to the red heart of the continent. The landscape can be even more desolate than yesterday: no more trees in the scene, leaving behind an ocean of yellow grass. […]

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Day 32: Lyndhurst – Hughenden

If yesterday it seemed we were travelling in the middle of nowhere, now it is even worse (or better, depending on your point of view). The road started well, but a few kilometers from the roadhouse where we spent the night the asphalt ends and begins a long dirt track, perfectly straight, flanked by the […]

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Day 31: Mount Garnet – Lyndhurst

The first surprise of today is the cold: at 6am, at the alarm ringing, the air is definitely cool, but within a few hours everything is back to normal and at midday there are the usual 28 degrees, perhaps slightly more. We drive along a secondary road with very little traffic. Mount Garnet, the tiny […]

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