The journey into the nothing continues, this time down a narrow road, paved, which after a few dozen kilometers turns dirt. Apart from that, the scenario does not change: the desert. Then suddenly road works materialize – lots of signs and graders at work. The track becomes even for a while, then everything falls back into nakedness. It’s back to nothing.

Another hundred kilometers and a tiny town appears. An oasis of life gathered around a bizarre little bar that looks straight out of a movie. Veranda discolored, old saddles thrown around carelessly, a few sleepy customers with Aborigin traits. We stop for a cold drink and then – again – we are in the nothing. Flies, warm wind, silence. We feel like we are the only humans in this planet, yet after a hundred more kilometers there is a farm. In front of the house, side by side, a few cows and a small helicopter (everyone has a small, for emergencies). There is a petrol pump, a surprisingly green lawn for camping, a few trailers with toilets and showers. Unbridled luxury over here. We set up out tents under a sky glittering with stars.