The plan was to stop at another farm – again in the middle of nowhere – in Tobermoray, the only option in hundreds of kilometers. We are on Road 12, obviously dirt, also known as Plenty Highway although in fact the only thing there is plenty of is… the nothing. Or perhaps the name refers to the incredible amount of dust and flies. As a matter of fact, at around 2pm we get to the ranch of Jervois and no one is prepared to spend the rest of the day here in the hot sun, covered with flies, watching the wind raise dust devils in the withered bushes until time comes to get into the sleeping bag. No discussion, we decide to refill the vehicles and leave immediately, no matter if we need to cover another 340 kilometers to Alice Springs, which add up to the 228 of this morning. We skip lunch, we skip dinner too. Anything to get away from this nothing! We keep travelling till sundown, astounishignly beautiful, and keep bouncing on the bumpy dirt road, then after dark we hit tarmac and get to Alice Springs at around midnight. What a relief! 570 km, 15 hours of driving: it was worth it.