Green, green, green. Today we travel in the green, the bright green of new grass that stands out on the dark tones of the forest. We managed to escape from A1 to take a small country road through plantations of sugar cane and banana. We spot countless large flowers which turn out to be plastic bags, perhaps for protection of the bunches of bananas. The plain is all cultivated, but on the surrounding slopes the nature is lurking, ready to regain its territory. Like in Paronella Park, the estate which belonged to an extravagant Spanish immigrant of the 1930s, relinquished to the jungle and discovered again – almost by accident – twenty years ago. A few kilometres further we find a village bar that looks straight out of a movie, a bit western, a little horror, a little retro. A glimpse of rural Australia so fascinating that we do not want to leave. The whistle of the train carrying the sugarcane cut wakes us up: it’s time to get back to civilization. Pity!