Today, the last chapter of Xtractor Australia begins. We head back to south, but this time we get away from the coast and lead inland. The endless outback, literally “the behind”, covers most of the Australian territory behind the 3,500-km. long mountain chain that borders the east coast and forms a watershed between the green countryside and the desert. We travel for a few hours through pastures and cows along a curvy road that goes up and down through woods and hills, and has nothing to do with the rainforest we’ve seen just yesterday. Then the fields begin to turn yellow, the woods become less dense and suddenly the landscape changes again. The land now is red: welcome to the outback. Steak for dinner as usual, you never run short in this nation of farmers, in a tiny village inn (which sounds quite like a flattery for that one…). The beer flows freely between billiards, eccentric customers with a splash of Aboriginal traits (glad to see them at last!) and a blaring jukebox.